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InterGroup, a New Zealand-based industrial and infrastructure services provider, approached us to bring awareness to their brand and attract talent across their broad range of roles.


Creative Concepts, Career Page and ATS, Media campaign, Video and Photography


InterGroup faced several challenges in their recruitment efforts. Despite picking up multiple contracts, the company was relatively unknown in the New Zealand market. As a result, they were struggling to attract top talent in the industry.

Alongside this, they had a clunky, outdated career page that wasn't candidate friendly, and had no way of keeping track of their own applicants.

It was our job to help them build a strong brand presence and attract like-minded good people to join their team.


Our team dove into conversations with employees about what made InterGroup special, learning about the company's culture, and understanding their values. And what was clear from the get-go is that InterGroup is a company that's about its people. So bringing the characters, the unsung heroes of InterGroup to the forefront just made sense.

“Character Building Careers” played on the age-old concept of work that builds character; work that's straight up, unassuming, and honest. This brought levity, but also realism to set clear expectations for what to expect - the work might be dirty, but that's why the team love it! This was rolled through into engaging job ads, enticing video content, fit for purpose imagery and creative across media channels - all leading back to a brand-new candidate-first careers site.

Implemented on the ATS Team Tailor, this site was the perfect home for showcasing videos and creative of our Characters - from 'Waha' or "Mouth" (a nick-name earned by his constant chat), through to Lochlan who's known for his red hair. Candidates could now put a face to the InterGroup name.

Candidate data? Tracked. Candidate attraction? Done!


Our efforts paid off quickly. In just two weeks, InterGroup received over 1,200 page visits on their careers page and received 141 applications from potential candidates. The media campaign was a resounding success, and InterGroup's brand awareness increased significantly. As a result, the company was able to attract top talent in the industry and continue to grow and thrive in the New Zealand market.

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