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Our Story

What's the biggest asset on your balance sheet? Or what does your organisation value more than anything? Your people, right? If so you're in the right place.

We've been helping tell attractive stories since 1891. And we love our work as much today as the original 'Hainesters' did more than a century ago. We're transforming the way people connecting with opportunity. But, before we do that for you, we'll take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We develop and craft your story as an employer, ensuring you stand out and attract through powerful media and social campaigns, candidate search, creativity and robust recruitment processes.

It's increasingly challenging to stand out as an employer, build brand and genuinely connect your proposition with the best candidates.

That's where our unique approach to recruiting makes a powerful difference. Simply put, we help organisations attract and hire the very best talent available in the market. We are location agnostic - proudly New Zealand owned and operated, and delivering for clients in Aotearoa and globally. We help companies hire talent in the hundreds or, sometimes, just that one game changer.

So that's our story, what's yours?

How we do it

A lot goes into being attractive, but to us it comes naturally. There are three core areas (creative/storytelling, media and recruitment) we support you with - on their own or together. Whatever it takes to make you most attractive to your target audience, ensuring you build your story and recruit.

Our Services

Your stories tell ours

From candidate engagement, job board selection and social media activation, to careers sites and full creative campaigns - you name it, we do it. Check out our most recent client stories.

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We understand that not one size fits all, that's why we offer solutions tailored to suit your specific recruitment challenges. Find out how we can help you attract and engage the talent you need with a free consultation.