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Hastings Deering faced the challenge of recruiting Heavy Diesel Technicians in a highly competitive labour market. With the demand for these professionals being high across Australia, they needed to fill 60 mechanic positions. Although Hastings Deering was a well-known company, their brand presence as an employer needed improvement. They had primarily focused on graduate campaigns in the past, and now they aimed to broaden their reach and change perceptions to appeal to experienced Heavy Diesel Technicians. Failing to attract enough qualified technicians could result in losing contracts to competitors.


Building upon their existing proposition of "start something big," which had been used for their apprentice campaign, we refined, developed, and tailored it for this recruitment initiative. The concept highlighted the significant opportunities for career growth, the potential for relocation to support families, and the challenging mining environment that offered big experiences. This concept aimed to evolve and strengthen Hastings Deering's brand as a premier employer.

To address the challenge of limited resources within the Hastings Deering recruitment team, we provided comprehensive support in managing the recruitment response. Recognising their constraints in handling the influx of applications, we took on the responsibility of efficiently managing and organising the candidate responses. By streamlining the process and ensuring prompt communication with applicants, we alleviated the burden on Hastings Deering, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of the recruitment process. Our dedicated support ensured a smooth and professional experience for all candidates, enhancing the overall reputation of Hastings Deering as a responsive and well-organised employer.


Generated an additional 729 applications
32% of which were female
Development pipeline for ongoing placements
Built brand awareness and fame to a relevant audience


The recruitment campaign for Hastings Deering Heavy Diesel Technicians achieved remarkable success, generating significant impressions and clicks across multiple platforms. From 8 March to 22 November, the campaign recorded a total of 6,175,186 impressions and 210,447 clicks on ads displayed on platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads (including YouTube), LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and Programmatic advertising. These impressive numbers indicate the campaign's wide reach and engagement with the target audience.

Notably, TikTok emerged as a standout platform for the campaign, contributing to its overall success. Specifically, the campaign on TikTok generated an impressive 818,397 impressions and received 128,561 clicks. This highlights the effectiveness of TikTok in capturing the attention and interest of potential candidates.

The campaign's optimisation strategy focused on leveraging the best-performing creative assets and driving traffic to the career site consistently. By continuously analysing performance metrics and making data-driven adjustments, the campaign maximised its impact across all platforms.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the concept development and media campaign in attracting Heavy Diesel Technicians to Hastings Deering. The campaign's success can be attributed to its comprehensive approach, strategic platform selection, and continuous optimisation efforts.

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