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EVP, Employer Branding and Storytelling

From strategic and creative ideation to game-changing copy that attracts diverse audiences, the way we craft words and pixels has the power to influence minds and hearts to help you attract.

  • EVP and employer brand development, execution, and activation
  • Attraction campaigns (advertising)
  • Inclusive recruitment communications
  • Referrals and internal communications
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Recruitment and Outsourced Recruitment

Hires - that's what you're after. So the great news is, recruitment and outcomes are at the heart of what we do. It is the game we are in. We've handpicked a likeable, professional recruitment team - experts who can become an extension of your team. We work in the local (ANZ) market and also work globally helping to attract the world's best talent to New Zealand.

  • Brand-led RPO (outsourced recruitment)
  • Project led or fully outsourced
  • One off recruitment assignments (contingent)
  • Global attraction and search
  • Deep experience in Health, Construction, Aged Care, Engineering and Technology
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Media and Social

We live and breathe digital and media. We've pioneered an agnostic view of how you can attract and recruit. We focus on ensuring you get the cut-through and results across the media and channels relevant to your audience. Be it engaging community or Iwi groups, or harnessing the reach of outdoor or PR.

  • Attraction Assessments - a 360° view of your recruitment media spend and planning
  • Advertising management - through Haineslink - access to over 1,000 media channels
  • Programmatic and behavioral
  • Media planning and buying
  • ROI reporting
  • Social - paid social
  • Content and asset management
  • Channel creation - sometimes we just have to find it or make it
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Content and Video Production

Bringing your story to life is vital, be it content across social channels or a deeper dive into moving to the other side of the world. Arming up our team and yours to share powerful content to engage and recruit. Our team is unmatched in helping employers produce and develop their story and content.

  • Career and campaign websites
  • Video content - single story or series
  • Media and social content
  • Animation
  • Podcasts
  • Events
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International Solutions

Recruitment Storyteller - Attracting global talent to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Since 2014, HainesAttract has had a dedicated focus on attracting highly skilled migrants to New Zealand. Part of this includes the creation of our WorkHere platform, which now has a database of over 64,000 'NZ curious' registered candidates. Together, we're providing the opportunity for your business to be part of a bigger story and solution to attract skilled talent to Aotearoa New Zealand.

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We understand that not one size fits all, that's why we offer solutions tailored to suit your specific recruitment challenges. Find out how we can help you attract and engage the talent you need with a free consultation.