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In 2021, Tonkin + Taylor had left no domestic stone unturned, investing in attraction tools, team programmes, sign-on bonuses, employee referrals and increased domestic activity. All of this was making a positive impact on their recruitment and current employees, but they needed to go the next step further to fill the gaps in their Construction and Engineering teams. Tonkin + Taylor is an exceptional company to work for, offering so much, and the world needed to hear about it. We knew that Tonkin + Taylor had passionate employees who loved working for them, recommending the company to appropriate connections. The challenge we were facing was that the rest of the world didn't hear about their stories and were unaware of how great their business is to work for. They were lacking a strong employer brand in the market, making it difficult to attract much-needed international talent with the same qualities as their current employees. They had smart, clued-up people working for them domestically, and it was our job to attract like-minded people to come on over to New Zealand and to work for Tonkin + Taylor.


As Recruitment Marketing Specialists, we know that to really find out what it's like in an organisation, you speak to the people at the heart of the company. We decided to put together focus groups to hear the stories from the Leadership Team, Engineers and Consultants across Tonkin + Taylor's vast specialties.

After the focus groups, we found there was a strong correlation between employees' personal missions and Tonkin + Taylor's company missions. Employees wanted autonomy, support and to be able to build their careers. Tonkin + Taylor was able to offer this, showing that they were a mature, people-focussed company. Therefore, the concept that we came up with was “back to basics” - a simple yet striking approach. It had all the ingredients that made people want to find out more. The message was straight to the point and direct, to show that Tonkin + Taylor knew what they were doing, and that they needed like-minded individuals to join their team. At its core we wanted this approach to appeal to the intelligence of the engineers Tonkin + Taylor wanted to attract - those who prefer to see past the smoke and mirrors to get to the heart of what it's all about, and what it means for them.

Tonkin + Taylor has their own internal creative team and they wanted to create the campaign video themselves. Our creative team offered a consultative approach when it came to the style of the video to make sure the concept was consistent throughout. We then created digital displays and paired these with the video Tonkin + Taylor created. Our Media team used these in their targeted strategy, ensuring all creative was put in front of the people Tonkin + Taylor was looking for.


Tonkin + Taylor was one of the first to start targeting the international market after the hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the international market only beginning to wake up again, the volume of applicants was down. However, the applicants that did come through were of high quality, proving our media team really hit the mark with targeting the right people in the right place. Tonkin + Taylor was incredibly happy with the outcome and have even put the campaign forward for an award. As they say, quality over quantity!

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