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Recruiting talent in the Healthcare and Hospitality sectors is always challenging, with highly sought-after candidates, a scarcity of international talent, skills gaps, and the gravity of the work involved.

Summerset, a well-known name in retirement villages, approached us for help in attracting and hiring Chefs for their Food Services division. With hiring managers stretched thin on time and struggling to maintain effective recruitment processes, they needed support to fill 50-60 positions.


In close collaboration with Summerset, we crafted a comprehensive outsourced recruitment solution:

  • Established a dedicated recruiting team with a deep understanding of Summerset's culture and roles.
  • End to end management of the entire recruitment process, supporting hiring managers throughout the process.
  • Created a custom landing page, recruitment materials, and media campaigns to boost candidate attraction and set Summerset apart in the market.
  • Implemented a multi-channel sourcing strategy.
  • Built and managed candidate talent pools.
  • Developed Role Success Profiles to ensure candidate suitability.
  • Re-engineered the recruitment process, deploying technology to streamline candidate engagement and speed up the hiring journey.


Recruiting Chefs is not for the faint hearted! We are pleased to share our success to date:

  • Since we launched, 90% of roles have been filled.
  • Relieved the recruitment burden on hiring managers, allowing them to focus on operations.
  • Alleviated pressure on existing staff, positively impacting retention.
  • Enhanced brand awareness.

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