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Pact is an Australian headquartered packaging company, with plants in Wellington and Auckland.


Creative concepts, Landing page, Media campaign, Unbundled recruitment


With the pandemic in full force, there was major concern about meeting supplier deadlines. Supermarkets would suffer and large food brands would struggle, having a significant impact on the supply chain. Without an internal recruiter, it was becoming increasingly difficult to attract the talent Pact needed. If there were Machine Operators on the floor, it meant Pact could still deliver to meet those crucial deadlines.

It was our job to ensure Pact had the Machine Operators to keep the business up and running as Pact went through this turbulent phase. It was time to boost brand awareness and implement a creative recruitment strategy.


Our creative team came up with the concept “Pact Facts.” This was to highlight the benefits they offered and the key reasons someone should work there. Our media team then used this concept across the media campaigns in both Albany and Wellington. The campaign was heavily digital, utilising Facebook, Snapchat and Tik Tok, with a smaller focus on radio and newspapers. Snapchat snapped up the top-performing spot and proved to be the most effective channel with over 11,000 ad clicks. What a score!

To prevent candidates from having to navigate Pacts' large careers site, we built a landing page that focussed on vacancies for Machine Operators and Machine Fitters in New Zealand. Pact continues to use this for a variety of roles in both their Auckland and Wellington plants. Once candidates were stored in the back end of the landing page, we continued to help with the process, offering our unbundled recruitment services. In total we screened 31 candidates, 10 were put forward for interviews and 7 were offered positions. Success!

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