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Freightways is located in Australia and New Zealand, and the New Zealand team had a sneak peek into their potential future by seeing how hard Australia was being hit with the arrival of Omicron. People were unable to work and were often out sick, creating a lot of additional pressure on the remaining team, so Freightways in NZ wanted to get ahead and prepare for what was to come. They wanted to create role awareness, especially for their relief team, and needed to put together a strategic campaign with a focussed media element to it that would capture the attention of the less traditional jobseekers out there. That's where our expertise came in.


The first step to implement an appropriate solution was to create an engaging concept. Our creative team put their heads together and developed the concept “come in off the bench.” This was targeted toward people who needed extra work or flexible hours, allowing potential employees to juggle multiple priorities. The concept made it clear that Freightways would work around whatever else you had going on throughout this turbulent time, it was time to “come off the bench” for these people and work for a supportive organisation.​

The next step was to re-write the job adverts as well as design a landing page to help bring further awareness to Freightways as a parent brand to their more well-known NZ subsidiaries. We utilised relevant media channels that the target audience regularly used to ensure we reached the right people for the job. The imagery was a great way to bring the concept to life and attract people to put their name forward. A key area to success was making sure that the application process was as simple as possible. We did this by allowing candidates to text in their interest, ring an 0800 number, or apply through the user-friendly landing page, not having to worry about providing a CV. We know candidates are more inclined to apply if the process is simple, and we did just that which allowed for greater applications. What a great result!


The campaign ran for just over two months and the response was exactly what Freightways wanted. The campaign received over 200 applications and a lot of these people were hired into the relief team. Snapchat was a hit, gaining the most attraction out of all the channels utilised. We had a very happy client, and the feedback was the concept, campaign, landing page, and social channels were the perfect resolution to overcome the dreaded challenge. How great is that!

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