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Photography, Personas, Strategic advertising, Media plan


Burger King had always been able to rely solely on traditional recruitment avenues as a well-known brand in the market. This meant the adverts were not targeted and the passive audience that weren't actively looking for the specific role was not being reached. Then the borders closed the demand for talent soared, and unemployment dropped to record lows - leaving few candidates actively looking for work. Occasionally, Burger King had used Facebook/Snapchat but the images were not targeted to the right audience. We noticed there was an opportunity in there where quality of candidates could be improved with some more targeted imagery and messaging. As Burger King gravitated towards a traditional advertising approach (using job boards) it was our job to showcase the benefits of a more strategic, cost-effective way of advertising.


The media landscape has changed and unemployment is at an all time low which is why it was crucial that Burger King started to think about targeting the passive audience. We created a smaller cost-efficient media plan which also included photography of real life people in their New Zealand stores.

In the media plan we utilised social media channels with fresh targeted creative concepts for four different personas which was a game changer for BK. For the personas, we created four different slogans that were able to target different groups of people:

  • “Work your way up” - For those wanting to grow their career
  • “Learn your way” - For those wanting to learn a new set of skills
  • “Flexibility your way” - For people who want work around their high school or university time tables and parents or caregivers wanting to choose their hours and work around their families
  • “Work together your way” - For those wanting to meet new people

We then reported on the campaign's progress so that anything we did they could directly see how it performed and the benefits of implementing thought out creative concepts. They were thrilled to have these photos of their staff doing every day activities as it made the work environment feel a lot more personable and could also represent the flexibility that comes with working for Burger King.

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